These are some of the pieces I have written and recorded over the years.

Feel free to have a listen.

Wakeup Call

This is folk influenced tune, with a
mainly flute lead, supported by a solo violin, some rather nice rhythm guitar, fretless bass and drums. The entire thing was recorded using only the Korg Kronos. 

Soft Magic

An old pupil called me and asked me to do some demos for a film he and some of his friends were making for their final exams at University. This is one of them. The intention was to write something magical. Hopefully I managed it.

String Trio

Don't be put off by the slow discordant start beginning. It soon bounces along. Written for three instruments rather than the usual four used in small string ensembles, it uses various textures, especially counterpoint, often associated with baroque music.


This was written and recorded sometime in the 90s. Very calming electronic music. No drum machines or even drums.